I have a dream! You know... the one where you're in your underwear at school...
You know... the one where you're in your underwear at school...
Published on August 29, 2008 By FrostMage In Humor

Hello there everyone,

You know, I've never blogged before, so this might get ugly.  I guess I'll just post some of my thoughts here.  Well... that didn't take long.

Have you ever felt like you were trying to do a million things and yet you were getting nothing done.  Then you must be living my life!  I have so many interests that I can't master any one of them.  Yep... that's me... mister mediocre.  I can do alot of things, I just can't do any of them really well.  I think that pretty much sucks.  But... as is my philosophy in life I must simply sigh and mutter, "Oh well". 

Here are some of the things I would like to do if I had the time, will, determination, balls, umm.. whatever:

Write a number one hit song.

Design and create a kick ass video game.

Write a Novel or two.

Make millions on the stock market.

Become a professional wrestler

Sculpt my body to utter fitness and perfection.

Get divorced and then find a drop dead gorgeous woman who will support me for the rest of my life.

Male exotic dancing.

ok... now I'm just getting rediculous.


Well, I know nobody is ever gonna read this, so... screw you!


Take care and fare thee well my fellow bloggers... fare thee well.




on Aug 30, 2008

lol, I don't think I'd dare wander near you if you were all of those, the wrestler/exotic dancer combination may break the laws of the universe!

on Aug 31, 2008

That would just be my luck.  I finally become the wrestler/exotic dancer I want to be and the universe explodes.  *sigh*